I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from the University of Massachusetts. I am a classically trained flutist. I also play the guitar, piano, and I sing, sort of in tune most of the time. I write songs and compose music. I studied sound design for a year at the Berklee School of Music. I am a synthesizer player and use Reason and Ableton Live to create sound.

If you need an ambient soundtrack for something, or some kind of sound made for some sort of specific purpose to do with your multimedia presentation, I can do that.

This is just kind of a collection of stuff ranging from singer songwriter to ambient to trance. Some of it was made with Jonathan Barker on synths or keys. Unfortunately I don’t have any recordings of us playing live, so if for some weird reason there is anyone out there who did record anything that happened at Gilbert’s, I’d love a copy of Stars are Falling Down.