Welcome to the emotional underworld of Lizzie Dickerson.

There’s a big yellow moon on the mountainside
Inside my head there’s more damned stars than sky.

I make websites, digital art, logos, and music.

I am a proud parent of two biological children, three step children, and one kinship foster son.

I am a public policy graduate student, a former city councilor and state representative. You can read many of my writings on policy, politics, and community development on my Blog.

I teach Computer Science at Pagosa Springs High School. Here’s our You Tube Channel.

I teach Pilates. My Pilates business name is Pagosa Pilates and you can visit my Pilates website by clicking on any part of this sentence.

There are various links to various things in the various menus. Such as, websites I have made, projects, music, and other creative items. As I rescue more art and music off the various hard drives I recovered from the barn in Maine and am now either trying to make work or clone here in Colorado, I will be adding to this site. So stay tuned.

Welcome and Enjoy.

Heaven is a Place in the Sky

I live in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado and spend the winter snowboarding and snowshoeing. And yeah working but yeah snowboarding and snowshoeing.